Serving our community since 1887

Woodsfield Savings Bank offers mortgages to residents in Monroe County and Southeastern Ohio as either fixed or adjustable rates.

Second mortgages are available at 1% greater than our current mortgage rates.

Trailer mortgages must be switched to real property and will be subject to a rate of 2% greater than current mortgage rates with max terms of 15 years. All rates are disclosed atĀ annual percentage rates (APR).

Mortgage Rates

Type of LoanTerm*APR
Fixed Rate**20 year amortized for 30 yearsAPR as low as 5.15%*
20 yearAPR as low as 4.25%*
15 yearAPR as low as 4.00%*
10 yearAPR as low as 3.75%*
5 yearAPR as low as 3.35%*
Adjustable Rate**1 year3.25%
2 year3.5%
3 year3.95%
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate

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